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About Panormo

Panormo is a very nice location in the North of Crete where Suite Leon is Located

You may be contemplating booking a Crete holiday soon. Perhaps you’re also looking for one of the quieter Crete resorts, somewhere to unwind, relax. A vacation to take things slowly for a while. If so, this is a perfect place to do exactly this! Here you can take advantage of the sunny Crete weather and spend some time chilling out on some beautiful Crete beaches. You also may want some place where you can venture out and explore more of the island. Then please Step forward to Panormo, Crete.

The village’s location where Suite Leon is located is easy to find. Just stay on the highway from Heraklion  (Greek National Road 90) until the highway-sign with Panormo on it shows up. You can also use public transport which is very well organized on Crete. If you’re travelling from Heraklion the regular buses which heading to Rethymno and Chania stop at Panormo on request. If you’re travelling from Rethymno (occasionally referred to as Rethymnon in guidebooks), the number 20 runs every 30 minutes during the season from May to October.

Character of the village

I visited Panormo in 2022 alone six times. Sometimes all by myself and sometimes with my family. I did notice that for example the beaches in Panormo were only moderately busy, never mind the Saison. There are also several cafes around the beaches, all serving a range of Greek and Cretan cuisine. The Restaurants and cafes mostly also have great sea views. These are ideal spots to stop by for a while. In comparison with other resorts on the north Crete coast, Panormo struck me as more relaxed and laid-back. Tourism has obviously taken over on some spots. Nevertheless, the place has maintained its beautiful character and isn’t anything like as busy as larger villages such as nearby Bali Crete and, beyond Rethymno, Georgioupolis.

I have referred to the village as Panormo Crete on this webpage to avoid confusion. There are two other destinations in Greece which have the almost same name. Panormo in Crete is not to be confused with Panormos Mykonos or Panormos, Skopelos. At the time of writing my Google Maps destinations it refers to  ‘Panormos in Rethymno’. You may also see it called Panormo Rethymno.

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What can we see and do in Panormo?

The main things to do in Panormo Crete revolve around the Panormo beaches and eating out. I do it all the time. There are three beaches in Panormo with others further along the coast. The beaches we have been explained are explained in the Menu “Beaches”. There is also an Beaches on Crete Link to explore the nicest beaches on Crete and an internal Link written by myself to explain the beaches nearby Suite Leon. In the two main streets in this 680 residents village you also can enjoy nice cafes and many incredible taverns. Here you can particularly and specifically find traditional cuisine – really worth its money. Furthermore I tried out a variety of watersports like taking take boat trips or snorkeling trips. We could carry out this from the beach in the east of Panormo. Or just have a great scuba diving experience. You also might visit the ruins of the Genoese fort, as well as those of the famous Christian basilica Agia Sophia. Any many other things…

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Activities Around Panormo? 

Panormo, as mentioned in the beach section, has fantastic beaches. Thisis just the right mix of a modern convenience and traditional atmosphere. Its natural port is the center of three lovely bays around which the town is situated. This means that there are three convenient beaches to choose from. The central harbor, thanks to the long breakwater protecting the harbor, is the calmest. But all three are reasonably sheltered from the famous Meltemi winds that can toss up the sea along the north coast of Crete.

As stunning as the beaches of Crete are, you’ll also want to set aside some time to get to know the mountains. Crete is one of the best destinations for hiking in Greece. There are hikes for every level of skill and stamina.

Also explore Rethymno at Panormo

Please explore the south of the Rethymno – for instance on your way to the Preveli beach. At Preveli Beach we have already been twice and it is incredible there. On its way you can easily visit one of Crete’s most charming mountain villages at an elevation of 430 meters. It has cooler temperatures and sweet-smelling air. The town is most famous for its fountain where cool and crisp waters gush from the mouths of 25 stone lions. This is a 45 minute drive from Panormo.

Another lovely village to get a true taste of traditional Crete is a nice village just a 20 minute  from Panormo. In addition to the traditional architecture and the charming classic taverns and cafes where you can have wonderful true Cretan food. This village is famous for its pottery. There are many pottery studios to visit. There you can explore fine hand-crafted and hand-painted wares. They also make many ingenious designs from the ancient world.

Some history of Panormo

Panormo is situated in a historic place and is believed to be on the site of the ancient city Panormus. The existence of an ancient city is confirmed by the discovery of the basilica of St. Sophia (6th ADCentury) 500m southwest of the village. The basilica is considered as one of the greatest Christian churches in Greece. It is also the largest in Crete. Moreover, Panormos is called Kastelli of Milopotamos (i.e. Castle of Milopotamos). This is because it was fortified by the Genoese, who conquered it in 1206. The fort, however, fell a few years later at the hands of Venetians. Traces of the fort are still visible next to the harbor.

Modern history

In the modern history, Panormo was a center for the transportation of goods produced in the wider region. The area produced large quantities of olive and carob. You can still visit the renovated carobmill, which is nowadays used as a cultural center. After the German Occupation, when it was bombed, the small fishing village and port transformed into a tourist resort on many spots. The new national road that was constructed next to the village and the construction of the marina in 1980. This  contributed to the touristic development of Panormo. Three festivals take place here every year: Ascension, St. John on June 24 and St. Nicholas on December 6.

Link: Panormos (Kreta) – WIKIPEDIA (German)

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