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Welcome to Panormos! My Name is Wolfgang, the co-owner of Suite Leon besides my wife and my little son of course:). Along with the two of them I have fallen in Love with Crete. I hope you enjoy staying at "Suite Leon" and please enjoy Crete!

Panormos Beaches nearby Suite Leon

In Panormos there are actually three beaches

Of course you can go and a find a few smaller ones too. As its Greek name implies (means place with natural port), Panormo is a natural harbor with calm water. The harbor beach, roughly 500 Meter away from the house, serves as the port of the area. Very sandy and the sea has clear water. It is ideal for families with small children, as it is shallow and it’s cement pier protects it from waves. The beach well organized with umbrellas (4 Euro for two sun loungers and one umbrella / Day last time I have been there). you have showers, water sports and many options for accommodation and food around. Adjacent, on the east, there is a smaller sandy unorganized beach, not preferred by swimmers.

The second main beach

This beach is named Limni is located just 200m west of the village. Similarly to Limanaki beach, it’s sandy, well protected by a rocky pier (there are actually two separate beaches). Even further to the east, there is a small cove with a pebbly beach with north direction, ideal for seclusion and snorkeling when sea is flat. 

Actually, there is even a third beach in front of the house

On the rocky sea about 150 meters below (orientate right) the locals from Pamormos have built a beautiful slate staircase to a beautiful pebble beach. Here the water is incredible and you have your peace. I would recommend no to leave children unattended here though.

Insider tip! Geropotamos beach

5 Kilometer west of Panormos. The first time I did recognize this beach was only in July 2022. I spent a couple of days in the house with my son and my wife Sabrina. We have been in on our way and I was driving over a bridge minutes away from Panormos and I said. “Did you see that?”  I thought I saw water, like a river but it was a beach (And a river too as it turned out later). Geroptamos beach offers you a perfect scene from the bridge, the golden sand, and an incredible  area with rocks and nice cliffs. We immediately stopped our car and spent the whole afternoon there. For me one of best beaches I have been on Crete even though I could not discover it in a guidance of Crete what I really could not understand at all. This place is just beautiful  & gorgeous.

How can I reach this beautiful beach? This is the way. At the end of the bridge coming from Panormos you have to turn left down the road to Geropotamos beach. 

Nice Facilities at the beach Geropotamos

Only a small part of the beach is set up with umbrellas and sunbeds – this is behind the boat, quite close to the shore. Most of the beach is empty – even in summer, with a calm sea. If you love having acres of beach to yourself, this is paradise.

Incomparable setting, even among beaches in Crete, with a river on one side and a rock arch on the other.

Also noteworthy:

  • Easy to reach, very close to Crete’s main highway and very close the Suite Leon in Panormos (~5 Kilometers)


  • Very spacious sandy beach with a small area of umbrellas and sunbeds (6 €/Day for a set of chairs and an umbrella)


  • A taverna, cocktail bar disguised as a boot and toilets are next to the beach


  • It’s exposed to the northern meltemi wind, so large waves can form. My son had a lot of fun with the big waves!