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Suite Leon

Itinerary Suite Leon

When it comes to flights or other transportation options such as buses or car rentals, this is the page to get a good overview. There are several ways to reach Suite Leon on Crete.

Route to Suite Leon

You can approach Crete by plane or even, if you like it, by car. But my personal recommendation is clearly to approach Crete by a comfortable plane with an airline of your choice. Since I’m from Germany, living nearby the Luxembourg Border, my first choice would be an direct flight from Luxemburg to Crete. This takes about 2:50h. Please be aware that most airlines ore not approaching Crete via direct flight off season. Off Season means November until March. But good thing, at least the 5-Star greek flight company AEGEAN is offering directs flights from Germany to Greek as of 01.03.23 (at least from Berlin and Frankfurt). Ultimately you can chose between 3 destination airports on Crete.


1. Airport Heraklion (Recommendation), 60 kilometer by car

2. Airport Sitia, 185 kilometer by car

3. Airport Chania, 90 kilometer by car


The most flights with more tight windows between departure and arrivals are being offered between July and September. 

All three airports on Google Maps

Once you have arrived the Airport in Heraklion you have the choice how to proceed to arrive Suite Leon. This means a roughly 60 Kilometer Ride between the airport and Suite Leon.  You can chose between:

1. Car Renting Company (Recommendation)

2. Private Taxi / Shuttledirect

3. Public Taxi

4. Bus


Since I’m going to explore the island when being there I always go with renting a car. The first two times on Crete I felt for rather expensive car rental companies (famous international companies straight located within the airport) but in the meantime I’m going with rather local companies. These local companies are located straight in front on the airport (dozens of them!). Nowadays I book quite affordable and cheaply with my two favorite rental companies.

Car Rental Company1:  Monza Car – Klick Here!
Car Rental Company2: MCAR – Klick Here!


We can also choose a Shuttle Company to find an appropriate transport opportunity whatever transfer vehicle type you might prefer. The Webservice ShuttleDirect is the Service we have already been using twice for the rides between the Airport and Suite Leon in Panormo.

Private Car & VAN Company: ShuttleDirect – Klick Here!


Last offering drive to Suite Leon is by public bus, very cheap and also very comfortable! The prices are between 3 and 5 Euro each person. This Bus line is driving between Heraklion-Rethimno-Chania. Let the driver know that you want him to stop in Panarmo. You can even ask to drive you in front of the house. With a little kindness he might do that for you:)

The Bus starts of straight in front of the airport, after leaving the arrival hall. the departure is all 60 minutes between 6am and 9pm. 

Arriving Suite Leon by public bus: Book a bus ticket – Klick Here!


Finally, what to to in the winter months when there is no direct flight connection, at least not from the European mainland? You would have do to make a Stopover in Thessaloniki or Athen. You also can take a (long) ride to the greek by car mainland and from there you can take a ferry from Greece to Crete.

Direct URL to choose a ferry to reach Crete from the mainland: Direct Ferries URL to Crete

Residence Suite Leon

Figure Out the Exact GPS Location of suite Leon to put it into your navigation system


This is actual our prefered Rental Car Company on Crete

Ferries to Crete from the greek Mainland

Off-Season you can approach the greek Mainland and continue your travel by a ferry to Crete

Connecting flights Off-Season from the Mainland

Between November and February/March there are normally no direct-flights to Crete. You have to fly over to Athen or Thessaloniki to get a connecting flight to Crete. We have done this several times and is fine since flights from Athen are approaching Crete at least once per hour.