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Suite Leon

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Since the first time we were in Crete, in October 2021, we have been attracted by Cretan food with its variety of dishes and wonderful drinks. On this page we present you a short selection of the bars, coffees shops and restaurants we have already been tried in the time since our first visit. And here I am not "only" talking about restaurants that we tested in Panormo, where Suite Leon is located, but also about restaurants in the surrounding areas.

We start directly with the insider tip, Taverna Zorbas Pigi, also called “Maria”

During a visit to Crete in March 2022 we happened to pass through the village of Pigi which is located about 25 KM west of Panormo. There we stopped in the tavern “Zorbas Pigi” to get food and drinks. The owner, Maria, has been running this tavern for 50(!) years now and since then she has not changed her great tzatziki recipe. Everything here is homemade and comes from the area. The place is very cozy and relaxing. The area in front of the restaurant is shaded under olive trees. “Maria” is a typical local tavern with very good prices and incredibly delicious food. The restaurant is our absolute insider tip. Also Water and some appetizers and dessert often do not show up on the bill. So you can eat here also very inexpensive. We are always at Pigi/Maria at least once when we visit Crete.

Made her tzatziki
  • 5.0

The owner, Maria

Since the 70's this tavern has been run by the current owner Maria. The tzatziki is truly addictive and the other dishes are fantastic too!

Unique architecture
in Zorba's Pigi
  • 21 km away from Suite Leon!

Interior Zorba Pigi

The interior is lovingly decorated in an ancient Greek style with collections of ancient artifacts all over the walls and ceilings.

Pictures Taverna Zorbas Pigi

GPS Location Zorbas Pigi "Maria

Where can we eat in Panormo?

In the heart of the village you will find a lot of nice prepared bars, restaurants and cafes. We do not want to withhold some of them, which we have already tested ourselves.

Captain Seaside

Large and beautiful in,- and outdoor restaurant, very tasty! Food & cocktails, draft beer,... Ocean view.

Nikitas Bar

Old dine-in, food & cocktails, very refined decor. Near the sea, opposite the Captain Seaside Restaurant.

Porto Parassiris

Top address. Stunning sea view, delicious Greek dishes, everything your heart desires....

Meli + Xidi

In the lively shopping street of Panormo this small & cozy restaurant is located. The food is absolutely delicious and the owner also likes to have a drink with you;).

Taverna Mparmpa Andreas

Located directly on the beach, this restaurant focuses on fish and seafood. But also meat dishes are very delicious and cocktails do not come too short too.

Locus Deli Restaurant

Also in the shopping street of Panormo is this nice restaurant. The food is great and there are good wines & beer on tap too.

Fanari Restaurant

Probably the favorite restaurant of my father-in-law and me. Very very tasty. The pepper steak is my favorite on the menu. Here, too, the owner likes to have a drink with you:).

This is just a small selection of the taverns and bars available in the 650-strong municipality of Panormo, where Suite Leon is located.

Currently, we have not yet been in any restaurant in which I would not recommend to you. At anyplace it really was delicious and the drinks were always best in class. But make up your own mind and enjoy the time in Suite Leon & Panormo :).


Selfmade pictures of Panormo & its taverns